• Workplace Wellness Programs

    A Wellness Program that Your Employees will Truly Appreciate!

    Why invest in a Workplace Wellness Program?

    • Increased productivity
    • Increased employee appreciation of the employer
    • Increase employee education on wellness options, products & services
    • Probable decreased absenteeism and presenteeism
    • Probable reduction in pharmaceutical drug usage
  • Workplace Wellness Education Options

    Due to many people still working from home and social isolation, James has created a series of 60 minute live Workplace Wellness education options online, that covers a wide variety of very important and valuable Proactive-Wellness Subjects:


    1. Slow Down Aging and Increase Energy with Proactive-Wellness


    2. Increase Focus, Attention and Concentration with Proactive-Wellness


    3. Reduce Stress/Tension and Increase Peace/Relaxation with Proactive-Wellness


    4. Increase Immunity Naturally with Proactive-Wellness


    5. Increase Body Strength without going to the Gym with Proactive-Wellness


    6. Increase Mobility and Flexibility with Proactive-Wellness


    7. Reduce Body Pain and Increase Body Comfort with Proactive-Wellness


    8. Increase Your Body's Ability to Heal and Regenerate itself with Proactive-Wellness


    9. How to Create and Maintain Positive Lifestyle Changes with Proactive-Wellness


    10. Nutrition: What to Add and What to Avoid for Proactive-Wellness


  • Testimonials

    Thank you for the tremendous help and wellness advice you have given me; so many things in my life have changed for the better. My awareness and health choices have grown since I have started attending your wellness sessions. I used to take prescription drugs for migraine headaches which I was frequently plagued with. Thanks to your valuable wellness education and options, I no longer take prescription drugs. I do not miss as many days off work as I used to because the headaches are fewer and I am now handling with the natural options you have shared. Overall, my energy level, sleeping and quality of live has improved and I feel empowered in regards to my mind and body as a whole. Thank you James for showing me a better way to think and live!!


    - Patricia Lewis

    James you are a ray of sunshine that I see every month in our corporate wellness sessions! I wanted to thank you James for all of your positive and wonderful guidance, opinions and information you share. You do a great job in informing us of what’s out there but you also give us the freedom to make our own choices. You have been a great support and help to me. Your holistic approach to health and wellness is something that is truly inspiring and motivates me to become a better person (emotionally, physically and spiritually) – I know with the changes I have made with your guidance has made me a better person! You have such a warm energy and the skills and knowledge needed for this industry – I would highly recommend you James."


    - Maninder Singh,

    "I spent well over a year attending James’ monthly sessions, never wanting to miss a single one! James is so warm, friendly and passionate about what he does. His energy certainly brightens up your day and cultivates a sense of optimism within yourself. I have learned so much from James about health, wellness, the power of the mind and spirituality. James is truly an inspiration, and has helped me overcome several challenges I’ve faced over the time I spent attending his sessions. James offers valuable advice and support during his one on one sessions as well, and has been a great mentor. I can’t thank James enough for the work he does, and the impact he has on his clients. James will go out of his way to help you reach all your goals, and the relationship you build with him as a result is one you will cherish forever."


    - Bismah Khan

    "James is truly an exceptional and influential leader when it comes to wellness. His advice, honesty, and choice of topics have opened my eyes to a new realm of thinking through the connection of the mind body and soul. I look forward to our monthly sessions and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store. His way of captivating an audience is powerful I would recommend him to anyone looking to educate themselves on wellness."


    - Christeen Narine