• Proactive-Wellness Coaching

    Discover and Exercise Your Untapped Creative Potential.

    James T. Griffin offers Proactive-Wellness Personal Training that will empower you to:

    •      Release tension and cultivate Relaxation, inside and out 
    •      Let go of doubt, fear, guilt and self-sabotage
    •      Shift Your Perception away from problems and towards Solutions
    •      Create Life Changes More Easily with Confidence
    •      Increase Energy & Slow Down Aging 
    •      Improve your overall Quality of Life 
  • Testimonals

  • One of the best decisions I ever made 

    "After burning out at the end of my last relationship, I felt I simply had to do something to create better circumstances for myself. That is where James came in. He'd be the first to tell you I was a skeptic. I had tried other therapies previously but nothing was long lasting. He really helped me to understand the amount of control I had over creating my own reality, and that knowledge allowed me to become the person I've always wanted to be. Without a doubt, his coaching has positively affected all areas of my life. One thing is clear, he sincerely walks his talk. It's the best investment you could make in yourself. Thank you James for helping me see the light-I am forever grateful!"

    - Chris C.

    New Positive Outlook on Life

    "James, thank you so much for all of your help and advice in relation to my recent illness. The deep breathing and positive outlook audios that you made for me have been particularly invaluable and I use them daily. They really help me tap into the power of positive thinking and I am sure I am having positive results and improvements. Your advice on general wellness has also been particularly helpful. You are an excellent presenter with a depth of knowledge in your field. I would advise anyone to use your services."


    - David Quinn

    Life Changes for the Better

    "James is wise beyond his years. His skill, knowledge and warm energy are a pleasure to be around. His techniques are relaxing and extremely beneficial. I definitely have noticed a difference in my breathing, my stress levels and even my physique! I feel so grateful for such a wonderful experience in our sessions. I will be sure to refer many of my friends and family his way!"

    - Vanessa Petronelli

    More Optimistic

    "James, thank you so much for teaching me that I have the power to control my emotions. With your help I no longer let other people take advantage of my big heart and I am now able to say NO to people where before I would do almost anything that people asked of me. My health is constantly improving and I feel consistently grateful for the improvements I am making in my life. I now see life with much more optimistic eyes."

    - Louise Zadel