• About The Proactive-Wellness Education System

    What is Proactive-Wellness?

    The term Proactive-Wellness represents a more updated perception of reality, lifestyle and quality of life. It also represents a more evolved and expanded conscious awareness. Those who operate and create their lives with the Proactive-Wellness perception and lifestyle know and feel that we all create our lives either consciously or unconsciously, rather than life just happening to us. Proactive-Wellness is a cutting edge education system designed to enhance and upgrade your overall quality of life (more energy, more strength, more creativity, more clarity, etc.) regardless of your current life circumstances.

  • 7 Portals of Proactive-Wellness

    A Brief Introduction to the Proactive-Wellness Education System



    Upgrade the operating system that governs your perception of your life and reality, and open up doors of possibility where walls used to be


    The Placebo Effect 2.0

    Learn to communicate with your body's intelligence to activate and accelerate your body's natural ability to regenerate itself, no matter what anyone has ever told you 



    Develop and strengthen your ability to regulate and release your Emotional-Energy no matter what is happening in your life



    How we age is not by chance, it is by choice. Discover how to slow down aging and increase energy no matter what your calendar age maybe



    Improve the quality of all your relationships, especially the relationship you have with your self



    Learn what to add and what to eliminate to create and maintain higher indoor air quality


    Nutrition & Detoxification

    Improve your overall body functionality through high octane nutrition and detoxification strategies